Friday, June 27, 2008


Joe and I are big supporters of animal rights. We have recently become aware of the treatment on animals in puppy mills across the US. Go to to watch a short video about a puppy mill bust and rescue. Both of our dogs and both of our cats were rescued from animal shelters.

Cooper and June



Monday, June 23, 2008


After 3 weeks of unpacking, Joe and I are finally settled into our new place! It feels really good to have that part over with. We set up our new office and are ready to roll. 3 days after we got moved in, we went on a weeklong vacation with Walt & Carolyn, Kori & Jason, and the kids. We went to sunny Pensacola Beach, Florida. We stopped off in New Orleans along the way. We ate lunch at Acme Oyster House and it was yummy! While in Florida, we had dinner at "Crabs We Got Em" as well as "Flounder's". They were both incredible. The scenery was beautiful and it was hard to leave!

At Acme Oyster House
in New Orleans, LA